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The E-04 is a 406 MHz/121.5 MHz ELT intended for use in general and commercial aviation and is a direct replacement for the E-01 ELT. This ELT fits the E-01 mounting trays, uses the same remote control panel indicator, and the E-04 external antenna can use the preexisting E-01 antenna mounting and wiring installation. The E-04 activates in the event of a crash and transmits a homing signal on 121.5 MHz for 48 hours while simultaneously transmitting a distress signal on 406 MHz to the Cospas-Sarsat system for up to 24 hours. Additionally, this unit can be interfaced with an aircrafts GPS system and is capable of accepting GPS position input data from several different devices. GPS information can then be sent to search and rescue, which results in drastically reduced search times. When activated, the E-04 provides an aural alert with a simple plug-in alert indicator.

This E-04 system  includes:

  • 121.5/406 MHz ELT transmitter (E-04)
  • Remote Switch with horizontal placard (E-04.5)
  • Remote vertical placard (E-04.12.2)
  • Whip antenna (E-04.8)
  • Electrostatic discharger (E-
  • 60-feet coax cable (E-04.10.4)
  • Audio alert (E-04.7)
  • Mounting Tray (E-04.4)
  • Retaining strap front (E-04.4.1)
  • Retaining strap front (E-04.4.1)
  • Female 4 pin DIN plug (E-04.10.6)
  • 15-foot remote cable (E-04.10.5)
  • Audio alert cable (E-04.10.3)
  • Switch cover (E-04.11.1)
  • Installation/Operation/Manual (E-04M)


  • Dual channel ELT transmits a distress signal to the Cospas-Sarsat system at 406 MHz for 24 hours (5 watts), and a homing signal on 121.5 MHz for 48 hours (100Mw)
  • Can be interfaced with aircraft GPS data via an optional GPS data receiver and accepts GPS position input data from Bendix/King, Garmin (NMEA 0183 GPS)
  • Antenna with molded plastic base is swept back 20 degrees
  • Equipped with a simple plug-in audible alert indicator
  • Relies on a lithium battery pack that provides a 5-year battery life
  • Compatible with Ameri-King remote panel indicator
  • E-04 kit includes: 406 transmitter, lithium battery pack, external antenna, remote control, mounting tray and retaining straps, plug-in audible alert, remote cable, coax cable, and an installation manual
  • ELT and battery pack weighs 1.6 lb (0.73 kg), and dimensions are 7.75 x 2.85 x 2.85 in (192 x 72 x 72 mm)
  • Approvals: FAA/Transport Canada, TSO C-126b TSO C-91a, ETSO 2C126 ETSO2C91a, COSPAS/SARSAT T.001 T.007, Industry Canada 1863A-E04AF, Brazil ANAC

Additional information

Dimensions 7.75 × 2.85 × 2.85 in


121.5 MHz and 406 MHz

406 MHz ±2 kHz Bi-Phase L (16KOG1D)
121.5 MHz ±6 kHz AM (3K20A3N)

Swept downward: 1,400 to 400 Hz
Repetition Rate: 3 Hz
Modulation Factor ≥90%
Duty Cycle: ≥45%

Power at Terminal (50Ω load):
121.5 MHz20.7 dBm 50 hrs @ -20°C
406 MHz 37.3 dBm 24.5 hrs @ -20°C
Standby Current Armed Mode: 26 uA
Peak Current: 406 MHz burst 1.5-2 A
Current 121.5 MHz Operation: 75 mA

Peak EIRP (with E-04.8 whip antenna and E-04.10.4 coax cable):
121.5 MHz +23 dBm 200mW, 406 MHz +39.79 dBm 12.7 W

Operating Temperature:
-20°C to 55°C, operating
-55°C to 85°C, storage

Crash Activation:
4.5 FpS ±0.5 FpS

ELT Approvals:
FAA/Transport Canada
TSO C-126b TSO C-91a
ETSO 2C126 ETSO2C91a
Industry Canada 1863A-E04AF
Brazil ANAC

TSO-126, C-91a AF

Antenna (E-04.8):

2.1 oz (60 g)

20.625 in (524 mm), swept 20°

50Ω nominal

VSWR @ 121.5 MHz ≤2.5:1
VSWR @ 406 MHz ≤1.5:1

260 knots @ sea level maximum

BATTERY (E-04.0):

Battery Type:
Li-SO2, non-flammable electrolyte

Battery Voltage:

Battery Operating Temperature:
-20°C to 55°C

Battery Amp Hour Rating:
7.75 Ah

Non-rechargeable Lithium Content:
9.8 g

Max Discharge Rate:
2.5 Amps

Battery Life:
5 yrs (when used with model E-04 ELT)

Battery Approvals:
FAA/Transport Canada
TSO C-142a
ETSO C-142a

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