Garmin’s GNS to GTN Upgrade Program Extended

Garmin is pleased to announce the GNS to GTN upgrade program has been extended. From now through Dec. 31, 2018, Garmin is offering a credit toward the purchase of a new GTN 650 series or GTN 750 series touchscreen navigator with a qualifying trade-in (to Garmin) of a GNS 430/530* series navigator or a GNS 430W/530W* series navigator. Additionally, customers who also purchase a qualifying GTX™ transponder and GMA™ audio panel on the same purchase order can receive up to an additional $2,000 in credit! Trade-in credit amounts can be found below. Returns must include the original installation rack and backplate. Units must be functional and flightworthy to be eligible for this trade-in credit.


GNS 430* (W) Series

GNS 530* (W) Series

GTN 650*/750*



GTN 650*/750* + GTX 335*/345*



GTN 650*/750* + GTX 335*/345* + GMA 345/350*/350c*



*All variants

To Facilitate this trade-in offer, please contact us.

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