TRIG TX56 Nav/Com FAA STC Available

TX56 TLA VOR display-White-HR

Trig Avionics have rolled out an FAA STC on the popular TX56 Nav/Com Family of Radio's. This is a first for any of the Avionics manufacturers and will make installation and approval here in South Africa much Easier, Cheaper and Faster.

The AML STC covers over 650 fixed wing types.

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Trig’s TX56 and TX57 Nav/Com units provide the ideal platform to update legacy avionics or equip your new aircraft. Slimline and highly efficient both Nav/Com models are housed within a superbly engineered case. At only 33mm high each unit saves valuable space yet contains an impressive selection of practical features for any pilot.

You might be a VFR pilot wanting VOR navigational back up, a flight school seeking an easy to use training platform or a serious VFR/IFR operator looking for reliable digital capabilities. Trig’s ‘better by design’ approach has created a Nav/Com that meets all these requirements - it will enhance your navigation and communication throughout all phases of flight.

Ease of installation

The TX56 and TX57’s low profile design requires no external cooling fans. Each unit is designed to easily replace legacy equipment, which includes popular; KX155A and SL 30 models.

Features that matter

The TX56 has a 10 watt Com radio, suited for most general aviation use. The TX57 has a more powerful 16 watt Com radio, where a higher transmission output is required.

Each unit has an easy to read display showing both navigation and communication frequencies and identifiers. Maximum clarity is achieved by giving prominence to the active Nav or Com mode.

The unique ‘Push Step’ knob allows the fastest tuning across voice channels, ensuring you can focus on flying whilst communicating. The Dual Watch feature allows you to monitor two Com or Nav frequencies at the same time - it’s like having a second radio. The Com functions include the ability to select most recently memorised database frequencies or those displayed on a compatible active GPS track. The radio also features Trig’s ‘Say Again’ technology - a single button press replays the last radio transmission. The Com also features a built in two place intercom with inputs for stereo music and auxiliary audio warnings.

The Nav receiver is optimised to provide stress free operation. Both the TX56 and TX57 will decode Morse, identifying VORs or ILS. The Nav receiver can monitor a second VOR which significantly enhances route navigation. This means that a standby VOR radial can be displayed in addition to the primary VOR - allowing the pilot to quickly calculate an accurate position fix.

The unit display features a graphical CDI (course deviation indicator) This allows the pilot to navigate without an external CDI. The TX56 also provides support for various display options, using a range of external cockpit instruments.

Automatic centring of the CDI needle displays a direct bearing to a selected VOR for ease of navigation whilst the to/from button allows you to display the inbound or outbound radial.

Integration benefits

Trig Nav/Com’s benefit from having a built in VOR/LOC converter and can also support a composite output. This ensures the widest compatibility with installed indicators. The TX56 and TX57 can also tune a remote DME in addition to supporting digital EFIS and PFD indicators.

The ability to integrate the Nav/Com with a suitable GPS (Garmin protocol) allows the automatic display of frequencies along a flight route. Finally, a customizable database can be loaded via the handy USB port, this can contain over 200 of your Com and over 200 Nav frequencies and identifiers.

TI106 CDI - Course Deviation Indicator

Trig’s TI106 is a 3” Course Deviation Indicator, ideally matched for the TX56 and TX57. Using the latest generation of indicator technology, solid state actuators provide smooth and dependable navigational indications. Use of LED technology for both flags and backlighting provides a superior display compared to older legacy indicators. The TI106 will support most existing Nav/Com equipment, making it a suitable replacement CDI across general aviation.


Trig provides a two year worldwide warranty through their Approved Trig Dealer network.


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