The S-TEC 3100 Version 1.4 Update Is Here!

3100 (SW-1.4) APR GPSL ALT HOLD GPSV (brighter & whiter)

"New Bezel. New Display. New Features!"

- Simpson Bennett, Marketing Communications Manager


A software and hardware update to the S-TEC 3100 has received TSO approval!

The new hardware features a white backlit display perfect for bright sunlit panels or steep viewing angles. An updated bezel accompanies the change in display and features a new VNAV button in the previously positioned menu (MNU) button. The software update introduces support for GPS enroute VNAV (when paired with an approved EFIS/GPS navigator), new mode annunciations, advanced integration with Aspen MAX PFD, and many general improvements based on customer feedback.

The Version 1.4 upgrade costs $1,495 (list) for the full hardware and software update, however Genesys is offering a $500 discount if the bezel upgrade is purchased before December 31, 2021. The software only upgrade (no VNAV capability, no new bezel/LCD), is free to existing S-TEC 3100 customers.  New orders will ship standard with the hardware and 1.4 software. STC approval for all of the aircraft currently approved for the 3100 is expected to be completed by the end of summer. International validations will follow.

New Features:

New display with more annunciations

Introduces VNAV capability (must have new bezel and compatible GPS/EFIS)

New Features additional:

  • GPS enroute VNAV – Running Version 1.4 software with the correct bezel with VNAV button and wired to a compatible GPS source. Requires a compatible EFIS capable of displaying the VNAV vertical deviations. Currently, only the Garmin G500 TXiTM and G600 TXiTM.
  • GPS flight plan clearing is no longer required to follow VOR – Installations using course directly from the GPS Navigator will have to clear any loaded flight plan into the GPS Navigator in order to track/intercept a VOR signal, even if the CDI is selected to VOR or VLOC and the 3100 is in NAV mode.
  • VS 500fpm preset enhancement – The new enhanced change is to keep the preset to 500fpm unless the aircraft is currently doing more than the preset in the correct direction and there is no target set in the correct direction, then sync to current.
  • Aspen PFD interface – For use with the Aspen “3100 Advanced Interface Unlock” software available with their EFD1000 MAX units. This allows for 2-way communication of target data from PFD display and the S-TEC 3100.
  • Arming NAVGPSS – Allows NAVGPSS to be armed from the HDG mode.  This will work in the same fashion as the current pilot selectable intercept angle to a LOC or VOR.
  • Improved G5 Interface – The 3100 altitude target can be set on the Garmin G5 unit, instead of on the 3100 bezel.  VS and IAS targets will still be set on the 3100 bezel.

Other Enhancements:

  • Improved analog course tracking
  • Incorrect altitude callout on landing – Voice callouts muted if ALT is not armed.
  • LOC intercept tone/fail at 50% – This relates to the 3100 annunciating a fail during the initial capture of a localizer or VOR.
  • IMU levelling improvements/Yaw Damper wash-out – Improved calculations to AHRS data.
  • Improved pitching action if AP is engaged for the first time – Some customers reported that the 3100 pitched the aircraft after take-off once the AP was engaged for the first time when no preflight ground checks were completed.
  • LVL button nuisance alerts “Check Altitude” callouts – Reduce nuisance “Check Altitude”.
  • FD Bars in HDG mode – Fixed when engaging HDG mode from another roll mode, the FD bars will incorrectly jump Left/Right.
  • LVL button behavior – The 3100 can toggle between “Level” mode and “Pitch/Roll Hold” mode by multiple presses of the LVL button.  Version 1.3 and previous bezels are unable to display a separate LVL mode.

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