Line Maintenance

No Matter how big or how small, we do them all. Aeronautical Aviation has full capability to repair your Electrical, Avionics, Instrumentation and Autopilot systems. We are also fully certified for all your line maintenance and inspection requirements for your Part 91 and your Part 135 certified aircraft. With Fully trained teams our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that their investment is being well looked after and downtime is being kept to an absolute minimum. Whether it be your prize Home build or your Corporate Business Jet, with us you are in good hands.

The South African Airforce, Textron South Africa as well as Cirrus South Africa have trusted us to maintain and repair all their products in South Africa, new and old.


Our Services offered:

  • Pitot and Static tests on non RVSM aircraft
  • Full RVSM certification and recurrency testing and certification
  • Avionics checks and certification
  • Compass swings
  • Transponder tests and certification
  • Autopilot systems fault finding and system repairs
  • Communications systems fault finding and repairs
  • Navigation systems fault finding and repairs
  • Stall warning system tests and repairs
  • All engine indication tests, repairs and calibrations
  • JetCal's on Jet's and Turbine's
  • GPS / FMS Navigation database updates
  • Glass Cockpit system fault finding, repairs and calibration
  • certification
  • Annual Instrument Inspections
  • Annual Avionics inspections
  • Fuel Quantity system repairs and calibrations
  • Gyroscopic systems repairs and calibrations
  • Pitot Static system repairs and calibrations
  • Annual Electrical Inspections
  • Battery Servicing, Commissioning and Annual Inspections
  • Electrical System Fault finding and repair

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