SSD120 Nano Altitude Encoder | Two RS-232 Outputs, 30,000 ft

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The SSD120-(XX)N-RS232 Nano Altitude Encoder are all solid-state Altitude Encoders. These devices provide a rugged and reliable means of measuring air pressure and converting this measurement into the ICAO parallel data for Pressure Altitude Transmission. (Gray Code output)

These units also provide altitude data on two asynchronous RS232 outputs. The serial data protocol is individually selected for each output and is commonly used to provide pressure altitude data to ADS-B, GPS, Auto-Pilots, Transponders and other navigation devices.

Resolution of the serial altitude data may be set to 100 feet or 10 feet.

Additional information

Weight 0.3938 lbs
Dimensions 3.42 × 2.46 × 1.34 in


This High Altitude Nano Encoder includes:

  • -1,000 ft — 30,000 ft altitude range
  • Altitude “Digitizer” with two RS232 output ports
  • 15 Pin D-Sub miniature Mating Connector (1 ea.)
  • 15 Pin Connector Back Shell (1 ea.)
  • 9 Pin D-Sub miniature Mating Connector (1 ea.)
  • 9 Pin Connector Back Shell (1 ea.)
  • 1/8 NPT Nylon tube fitting (1 ea.)
  • 1⁄4-inch Tube Polypropylene tee fitting (1 ea.)
  • 1/8-27NPT Brass Plug (1 ea.)


  • Dual 1/8-27 NPT static port inlets
  • One ICAO pressure altitude Gray code output
  • Optional two or five RS-232 compliant data outputs
  • Serial ports may be installer configured to transmit separate data protocols (message and baud data)
  • Power, ground, and data I/O lines provided on industry standard D-miniature connectors
  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminum housing


5.9 oz (low altitude)
6.3 oz (high altitude)

Altitude ceiling:
30,000 to 42,000 ft (low altitude)
50,000 to 100,000 ft (high altitude)

ICAO Gray Code output:

RS-232 output:
Yes (except for SSD120-(XX)N model)

RS-485 output:
No (except for SSD120(XX)N-RS model)

Operating voltage:
12VDC @ 220mA / 28VDC @ 270mA (low altitude)
12VDC @ 55mA / 28VDC @ 60mA (high altitude)

Low operating temperature:
-20°C / -55°C (E models)

High operating temperature:

Wet environment:

Electrical Connector:
D-Sub miniature 15-pin, SSD120-(XX)N
D-Sub miniature 15-pin & 9-pin, -RS232 (low/high models)
D-Sub miniature 15-pin plug & 15-pin recept, -RS models
Static line connection: Dual 1/8-27NPT (low altitude)
Dual 1/8-27NPT or 1/8 Tube Swivel Fitting (high altitude)


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