GTX 327

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The panel-mounted GTX 327 is a TSO-certified Mode C digital transponder. Its innovative features, proven performance and reliability bring a whole new level of transponder utility to your aircraft. Looking for a more affordable alternative? The panel-mounted GTX 320A Mode C transponder features a pilot-friendly design minus the DSTN LCD display.

Enjoy Innovative Features

GTX 327 features a solid state design, and with no warm up time, lower power consumption and much lower heat emissions, you’ll enjoy a longer service life. It provides 200 watts nominal power output and has an easy-to-read DSTN liquid crystal display which reverses the numbers out of black for optimal viewing. An innovative keypad makes entering a squawk code a snap, and a dedicated VFR button allows for quick-and-easy VFR squawking. Similar to the GTX 330 Mode S transponder, the 327 also offers several timing and display functions, including flight time, count-up and count-down timers, as well as current pressure altitude.

GTX 327: A whole new standard in transponder utility.


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Physical & Performance

Unit dimensions, WxHxD 6.25″W x 1.65″H x 8.73″D (15.9 x 4.2 x 22.2 cm)
Weight 3.1 lb (1.4 kg)
Display type digital
Voltage range 11-33
Transmit power 200 watts nominal
Transponder type mode A/C
Squawk code selection push-button

Features & Benefits

Solid state transmitter (more efficient, longer life) Yes
Verbal alerts No
Traffic Information Services (TIS) alerts compatible No
Outside air temperature display No
Pressure altitude readout Yes
Altitude monitor function No
Density altitude readout No
Built-in timers Yes
Automatic ALT/GND mode Yes
Diversity (supports top and bottom mounted antennae to enhance visibility to TCAS-equipped aircraft flying above you) No
Panel-mounted Yes


  • GTX 327 transponder
  • Installation kit
  • Pilot’s guide



Additional information

Weight 3.1 lbs

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