A New, Large Flight Display System for Experimental Aircraft

  GARMIN_G3X_TOUCH   The new G3X Touch is a large touchscreen, glass flight display system designed for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft (LSA). The non-certified G3X Touch system offers pilots easy-to-read, easy-to-use, high-resolution 10.6-inch flight displays with split-screen functionality and a host of advanced interface options – all at a great price. Large Touch Display On the exterior, G3X Touch offers a sleek and clean appearance with a large 10.6-inch display. Since G3X Touch is scalable and easily configurable, pilots can choose to install up to three G3X Touch displays in their panel. Incorporating the latest in infrared touchscreen technology, the display offers a resilient, high-resolution, sunlight readable screen that demonstrates Garmin’s industry-leading experience in integrated flight decks. The touchscreen provides a simple user-interface, which is easy to learn and offers efficient access to information. The bezel contains four dedicated buttons and two rotary knobs, which provide increased efficiency in performing common in-flight functions like direct-to navigation, setting altitude or changing heading. Enhanced Functionality and Situational AwarenessGARMIN_G3X_TOUCH_2 The G3X Touch display provides pilots with an intuitive split-screen mode with the option to view PFD, MFD, and engine information on a single display. Synthetic vision (SVX™) is a standard feature on G3X Touch, which provides a rich, three-dimensional depiction of terrain, obstacles, water features, the runway environment, and more. G3X Touch conveniently displays VFR Sectionals and IFR Enroute Charts, including European VFR charts, which provide pertinent information in-flight while on an IFR or VFR flight plan. A version of G3X Touch also includes SiriusXM Aviation Weather and Radio capability, which allows pilots to receive NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, winds aloft, and more (US only). SiriusXM Satellite Radio is also accessible via G3X Touch; both weather and audio capabilities require purchase of a subscription from SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc (US only). The new GDL 39R (remotely mounted ADS-B receiver) is also compatible with G3X Touch and offers pilots an excellent solution to display ADS-B traffic. GARMIN_G3X_TOUCH_3   Seamless Integration and Familiar Interface G3X Touch interfaces with Garmin’s industry-leading experimental autopilot, which gives pilots autopilot control through the touchscreen interface, while still supporting the    optional, stand-alone GMC 305 autopilot control panel. G3X Touch gives pilots access to all autopilot modes from the touchscreen display, including indicated airspeed hold, yaw damper, flight director, and level modes. Touchscreen control functionality for the remote-mounted GTX 23 ES transponder is provided on the display, as well. Team X has incorporated a user-interface that is similar to other Garmin touchscreen aviation products, so pilots can easily find pertinent in-flight information quickly. New AOA Indicator SupportGARMIN_G3X_TOUCH_4 In addition to G3X, the new G3X Touch can display angle of attack (AOA) information, when installed with the GSU 25 ADAHRS and GAP 26 probe. Optionally, the new GI 260 angle of attack indicator provides pilots with a visualized indication of AOA using a combination of colors and chevrons and may be mounted on the GARMIN_G3X_TOUCH_5glare shield in the primary field of view. The AOA system offers progressive audible and visual alerts as the aircraft nears the critical angle of attack. In conjunction with G3X Touch, the GI 260 is designed to give pilots a quick, at-a-glance understanding of AOA during critical phases of flight and offers audible alerts during high-workload situations. Upgrade to G3X Touch With Ease Current G3X customers have the opportunity to take advantage of a low-cost and easy path to upgrade to the G3X Touch system. Because the same sensors and connectors from G3X are incorporated into G3X Touch, customers can easily integrate the new display with their existing ADAHRS, engine indicating systems (EIS) and autopilot, so there is no need to replace existing equipment behind the panel. GPS and XM antennas installed on an existing G3X system, conveniently plug into the back of the new display without the need for cabling or antenna changes. A composite video connection (BNC) is provided, which provides a way to connect to VIRB™, Garmin’s HD action camera or other compatible camera, to show video in the PFD inset window or on the MFD.   Chosen By Industry-Leading Manufacturers Five light sport aircraft manufacturers encompassing thirteen (13) aircraft models have chosen the latest in avionics technology for amateur-built and light sport aircraft and will offer G3X Touch as an option, including:  

Van’s Aircraft

  • RV 12


  • Carbon Cub

  Flight Design

  • C4
  • CTLS



  • Panthera Experimental Version
  • Virus S/SW
  • Sinus


  • P2008 AUL
  • P92 Eaglet
  • P92 Tail Dragger

  Team X is committed to offering industry-leading avionics to the experimental market, which are backed by Garmin’s award-winning aviation support team. A well-equipped, single display G3X Touch system, which includes SVX, video input, a built-in WAAS GPS receiver, ADAHRS, magnetometer, OAT probe, interactive mapping and more, starts at $6,241 and G3X Touch with EIS starts at $6,922. The GI 260 AOA indicator is available for $279. Customers may also take advantage of new, lower database prices for G3X and G3X Touch, for more information visit www.flyGarmin.com. For additional information visit www.garmin.com/experimental.  

G3X Touch System, Display, and Options Pricing

Part number


List Price


Single Display GDU 460 System With Out EIS* $6,241.00


Single Display GDU 465 System With SXM W/O EIS* $6,922.00


Single Display GDU 460 System With EIS* $6,922.00


Single Display GDU 465 System With EIS & SXM* $7,603.00


Dual Display GDU 460 System With EIS* $10,667.00


Dual Display GDU 460/465 System With EIS & SXM* $11,348.00


GDU 460,GPS Display,AM $4,879.00


GDU 465,GPS Display,AM,SXM $5,560.00


GDU 460/465 Install Kit $57.00


GI 260 Angle of Attack Indicator for G3X or G3X Touch $279.00

  *Price for the G3X Touch system only. Antennas and connector kits sold separately. ** As a special Introductory offer, Aeronautical will be offering the first customer to order his system at cost. Contact us today for a free quote.