Mandatory Service Bulletin for all G600 and G500 owners

This is a Mandatory Service Bulletin that has been released by Garmin for all G500 and G600 Owners. Give us a call to get this done. It is a warranty reimbursable upgrade by Garmin so doesn’t cost you anything.


Registered Garmin G500/G600 Owner/Operators February 11, 2013


Software Upgrade for GDU 620 Software Version 6.21 and GAD 43e Software Version 2.20 APPROVAL: TSO Authorization (see Approval section of SSB1368 Rev B for details) COMPLIANCE This Service Bulletin is mandatory and is warranty reimbursable. PURPOSE This Software Service Bulletin announces availability GDU 620 Software Version 6.21,GAD 43e Software Version 2.20 and GRS 77 Software Version 3.04. Software Updates:

  • GDU 620 Software Version 6.21 contains the following changes from version 6.11: 1. KAS 297 altitude preselector emulation support 2. Resolves issue identified in Service Advisory 1361
  • GAD 43e Software Version 2.20 contains the following changes from version 2.12: 1. KAS 297 altitude preselect emulation for KFC200/250 autopilot systems 2. Resolves parallel DME tuning issue
  • GRS 77 Software Version 3.04 contains the following changes from version 3.03:
    1. Resolves initialization issue when aircraft is moved on the ground (e.g. towing operations) during the first 10 seconds after turning on power to AHRS.
    2. Resolves initialization issue when magnetic interference is present near the magnetometer during the first 60 seconds after turning on power to AHRS.

    Service Advisory 1361, possible temporary loss of heading/attitude information in Garmin G500 and G600 Systems following extended power-on stall and slow flight maneuvers, is addressed by GDU 620 Software Version 6.21. Service Bulletin 1306, disabling G600/GAD 43e DME configurations which utilize KN-63 parallel tuning, is addressed by GAD 43e Software Version 2.20. Parallel tuning may be configured and restored as specified in the installation guidance. Service Advisory 1309, possible temporary loss of heading and attitude following aircraft movement or magnetic interference during AHRS power up initialization. GRS 77 V3.04 addresses this issue. PRODUCTS AFFECTED

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Appliance P/N


GDU 620 Display

011-01264-0( )

GDU 620 Display

011-01264-1( )


GDU 620 Display

011-01264-2( )

GDU 620 Display

011-01264-3( )

GDU 620 Display, Black Bezel

011-01264-5( )

GDU 620 Display, Black Bezel, Right Hand

011-01264-6( )


GAD 43e

011-02349-0( )


011-00868-1( )



DESCRIPTION This software service bulletin describes the process for upgrading LRU software for: 1 The GAD 43/43e Main Board Software is unchanged (P/N 006-B0876-01, version 2.01) 2 The GRS 77 Software Version 3.04 is only approved for G500 installations Please contact your local Garmin Avionics Dealer ( for additional information or for questions regarding this notification. This service notification and associated bulletin/advisory product changes can only be implemented through Garmin’s authorized dealer and service center network. This document is not a substitute for and cannot be used in lieu of the document(s) referenced above for airworthiness approval.


Appliance Model

Software P/N

New Software Version

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GDU 620 Display

G500: 006-B1071-4E G600: 006-B0498-4E


GAD 43e Adapter1








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