IFD540 Free Play Sim for PC Now Available

IFD-pc-screen   Avidyne is pleased to announce that a PC-based version of the IFD540 Free Play simulator is now available for free download from the Avidyne website.   The IFD540 simulator includes a full US database of airports and charts, allowing pilots to get familiar with the user interface and operation of the IFD540.   Users will be able to perform most product functions including flight planning, mapping, configuration, and frequency management, by controlling the unit via mouse, keyboard and/or touchscreen monitor if available.  Control keys allow you to speed up or slow down the simulation rate and “fly” the flight plans you have loaded.   Download the IFD540 Freeplay simulator for FREE at: http://www.avidyne.com/products/ifd540/demo-sim-signup.asp     An iPad version of the IFD540 simulator will be available for purchase from the App Store within the next several months. ■
  IFD540 Free Play Simulator now available for download!   Minimum PC Requirements ·     Dual core CPU, 2GB RAM and 2GB of free disk space ·     Most modern NVIDIAÆ or ATIÆ video cards ·     Resolution at least 1280×1024 set to highest (32bit) color ·     Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8   Please review Read Me file for additional information.