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February 23rd – June 30th

with the purchase of a


Receive a FREE

Save significant time and money by upgrading to the
S-TEC 2100 DFCS Autopilot
and become ADS-B compliant at the same time!
  • Dealers will need to include the Lynx System part numbers on the PO for the S-TEC 2100 DFCS System.
    • 9029000-20000 NGT-9000 LRU
  • 9060-17000-XX KIT Installation Panel Mount Options
  • 9230-17003-01 Detachable Config Module
  • 9230-17005-01 WIFI Interface Module PIM-9000
  • 9060-17001-01 Kit Installation PIM-9000
  • Any additional Lynx options will need to be purchased directly  from L-3.