Genesys Aerosystems adds more Aircraft to S-TEC 3100 STC

Exterior PA-60 w. S-TEC 3100

"We've added another twin to our S-TEC 3100 STC, and we've got more announcements in store in the coming weeks. Some big ones. Stay tuned!"


- Simpson Bennett, Marketing Communications Manager

Now Approved, Piper PA-60

The Piper PA-60 has received STC approval for the S-TEC 3100. The 3100 is a 3-Axis fully-featured, attitude-based autopilot that brings a list of workload-reducing and safety-enhancing capabilities to this high performing twin.


Models included are

  • PA-60-600
  • PA-60-601
  • PA-60-601P
  • PA-60-602P


Click here to learn about all the capabilities and the full list of approved models for the 3100.


Shipping will begin in the coming weeks. Contact us on [email protected] to schedule your installation today!


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