Garmin’s New Worldwide weather released

New Worldwide Weather Pricing and Position Reporting Service Garmin has created new and simple worldwide weather pricing plans and a new position reporting service, both utilizing our global connectivity services. These services offer pilots seamless access to weather products around the world and provide position information to both owners and operators, ultimately enhancing safety and situational awareness. The new, straightforward worldwide weather pricing plans offer owners and operators predictability and consistency for their month-to-month service charges.  The pricing plans also provide pilots with valuable weather information when they need it most. Customers want a completely integrated position reporting service with the Garmin avionics they already have and this new service delivers the capabilities they need for their operations in a completely integrated package. Customers may select from two worldwide weather plans based on their flying needs. For those with moderate flight activity, a package that offers a set number of weather requests for a single monthly price is available.  For owners and operators flying more frequently, a larger package encompassing more weather requests offers pilots a more comprehensive option. These plans also contain monthly fees and any airtime charges associated with the weather requests for an easy-to-understand price. All-inclusive plans start at $100a month1. Existing customers can continue to use their existing plan or rollover their account to either of the new, simplified plans at any time. Position reporting services offer owners and operators information that may be important for business and personal purposes. Using their Garmin Flight Deck or avionics, pilots may choose how frequently they wish to send a position report to be displayed by a provider such as For example, helicopter operators can schedule position information to be automatically sent to operations/ground crews during their missions. Position reporting can also assist fleet operators, flight schools, and others on the ground to better track and manage their aircraft. To take advantage of these new plans, as well as other global connectivity services, customers need a GSR 56® Iridium datalink transceiver2 and a compatible display using the latest software. The GSR 56 is currently compatible with the GTN™ series; G500™, G600™, and G500H™ flight displays; select G1000®/G950™-equipped aircraft; and G900X™ flight decks for experimental aircraft.  Future availability is anticipated in select G2000™, G3000™, and G5000™-equipped aircraft. For more information, including complete pricing details please visit: or contact us for details.   1For piston aircraft; does not include onetime activation fee 2 In some cases a GDL 59 may be required