Aeronautical Instrumentation is pleased to announce Garmin's several new customer rebates just in time for year’s end. Whether preparing for a complete glass cockpit upgrade, replacing an aging autopilot, adding ADS-B or more, these new promotions allow customers new ways to save on the most popular Garmin avionics now through Dec. 21, 2018.


Autopilot and G500TXi / G600TXi rebate:


Panel Mount Products


G500 TXi display


GFC 500


G600 TXi display


GFC 600



Portables rebate:

Additionally, a savings of $100 is available on the D2 Delta and D2 Charlie pilot watches. A savings of $50 is available on aera 660 and the VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle, which adds a prop filter, headset cable and more to the VIRB Ultra 30 action camera. Specific rebate amounts and details can be found below.


Aviation Portables


aera 660


VIRB Ultra 30 In-cockpit Aviation Bundle


D2 Charlie pilot watch


D2 Delta pilot watch


GPS 150XL Trade-in Program:



Garmin is pleased to announce a new trade-in program for GPS 150XL. From now through Dec. 31, 2018, Garmin is offering a credit toward the purchase of a new GTN 650 series or GTN 750 series touchscreen navigator with a qualifying trade-in (to Garmin) of a GPS 150XL navigator. Trade-in credit amount can be found below. Units must be functional and flightworthy to be eligible for this trade-in credit. Please note, all repair services and service parts for the GPS 150XL will be discontinued effective Dec. 31, 2018. As a reminder, GPS 150XL display repair services have been discontinued since Sept. 1, 2015. Additionally, newly overhauled (NOH) GPS 150XL units are also discontinued effective immediately.


Trade-in Eligible Product

New Product Purchase

Rebate Amount


GTN 650 or GTN 750


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