Garmin Pilot Adds Synthetic Vision Capability


GP SVX “Once you fly with it, you won’t want to fly without it.” My experience was similar as many other pilots out there: once I flew with synthetic vision, I never wanted to fly without it. Synthetic vision is a technology Garmin has years of experience incorporating into certified avionics and flight decks. It adds safety-enhancing situational awareness that offers a level of assurance in areas of rising terrain, in darkness, and even in fog, rain, haze, and solid IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) conditions. Building on our experience developing synthetic vision for avionics, we have integrated this enhanced, three-dimensional perspective into Garmin Pilot for your iPad or iPhone. Garmin Pilot offers a unique level of perspective unlike anything available today and we are certain, once you fly with it, you won’t want to fly without it! When launching version 6.1 of Garmin Pilot on your iPad, you’ll immediately notice a new icon on the main menu: ‘SynVis.’ Even more, if you’re flying with the GDL 39 3D, (our newest portable ADS-B receiver) you’ll receive the benefits of synthetic vision with an attitude indicator overlay. Obstacles, traffic threats, and even the runway environment are all available within the same display. Nestled among the attitude indicator, GPS-derived airspeed and altitude tapes, and a horizontal situation indicator (HSI), which offers course information if an active flight plan is entered. Also available, estimated time enroute (ETE) and distance from your next waypoint or destination. Now you know the mystery behind the name: GDL 39 3D! If you haven’t had the opportunity to fly with the GDL 39 3D – don’t worry! You’ll still receive the benefits of 3D Vision with a subscription to our VFR or IFR Premium packages. The same three-dimensional display is available, only without attitude information. So, you’ll still see the display of obstacles and the runway environment while on approach to land, as well as an HSI, ground speed, GPS altitude, ETE, and distance information all among a virtual topographic landscape. Leveraging years of experience in developing synthetic vision, this is the quality you can expect from an industry-leading company that designs synthetic vision for certified aircraft. So, it goes without saying: Once you fly with Garmin Pilot, you won’t want to fly without it! GP SVX3