Garmin Pilot Adds Seven Enhancements to iOS

You may have had the opportunity to download the latestĀ Garmin PilotĀ update for iOS, which as you could have guessed has a lot of new features and integration weā€™re quite excited about! There are seven new features and enhancements that have been added to iOS in Version 6.0 that will take your flying to a whole new level (or altitude!) Backup Attitude InformationĀ Garmin Pilot iOS Attiude The newĀ GDL 39 3DĀ will easily Bluetooth to an iPad or iPhone to display backup attitude information within Garmin Pilot. A backup attitude indicator is displayed in split-screen mode as part of the Garmin panel page. The attitude indicator may be simultaneously displayed alongside flight plan information or the moving map page. Pre-flight Planning Enhancements Based on customer feedback, enhancements have been made to the Active FPL and File & Brief functions of Garmin Pilot, which will streamline flight planning even further. iOS 7 Redesign We have revamped the look of Garmin Pilot since the introduction of iOS 7 with a new, modern look and implemented many of the design elements from Appleā€™s new operating system VIRB Compatibility Display video and remotely control VIRB, Garminā€™s HD action camera while viewing pertinent flight plan information in Garmin Pilot. Take still photos and start/stop recordingĀ video all within Garmin Pilot in case VIRB is mounted in a non-accessible area. DevicesĀ VIRB A new ā€˜Devicesā€™ page is available via the Home Screen Menu, allowing customers to manage Garmin hardware that integrates with Garmin Pilot. When the hardware is connected, the ā€˜Devicesā€™ page will display a connected status for any of the following:

Traffic Pattern Recommendations Garmin Pilot conveniently displays right traffic pattern recommendations at specific airports as needed, taking the guess-work out of whether right-hand traffic is suitable for a particular airport. This information can be viewed within the ā€˜Airportsā€™ page by selecting ā€˜Runways.ā€™ Airspace Frequencies Frequencies are now available for many special use airspaces. To view, tap on the airspace to display the radial menu and select the airspace icon. Airspace frequencies are also available in split screen mode by selecting widgets. Seven new features have been added to iOS in Version 6.0. They range from customer requests to integrating products that enhance your flying in a multitude of ways. If weā€™ve packed in this many features into one update, can you imagine what we have in store for the remainder of 2014? Garmin Pilot FPL