Garmin Announces the GI-106B Course Deviation Indicator

The GI-106B replaces both the GI-102A and GI-106A Course Deviation Indicators Garmin is excited to announce the GI-106B, a redesigned version of the GI106Bpopular GI-102A and GI-106A Course Deviation Indicators. The GI-106B provides customers with features that are instantly familiar, but with several internal and external improvements. Replacing the existing GI-102A and GI-106A, the GI-106B incorporates an enhanced design and new functionality. Indicator needles are now stored out of the Pilot’s view when not in use and when invalid; replacing the glideslope and NAV invalid flags. Additionally, incandescent GPS/NAV/VLOC mode annunciators and the “TO/FROM” flag have been exchanged for LED annunciators. With the removal of complex internal electromechanical subassemblies and incandescent bulbs, the new GI-106B provides improved reliability. Existing users wishing to replace legacy GI-102A and GI-106A installations can upgrade without the need for changes to the pinout or the connection to existing GPS/NAV units. Customers who would have purchased a GI-102A will now purchase one common part number along with GI-106A customers, as the GI-106B stores the glideslope needle out of view if the glideslope signals are not connected. Orders for the new GI-106B indicator are expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2016. The GI-102A and GI-106A will be discontinued once remaining quantities are exhausted. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager with any questions. GI-106B Course Deviation Indicator

Part Number       Description List Price    
013-00593-00       GI-106B w/Install Kit $2,599.00    
013-00593-01       GI-106B no Install Kit $2,549.00    
013-00593-10       GI-106B CRS Datum w/Inst Kit $3,199.00    
013-00593-11       GI-106B CRS Datum no Inst Kit $3,099.00