Garmin Announces Solid State Radar for Helicopters

GWX 70H Brings Advanced Radar Features to Rotorcraft Garmin is pleased to announce the helicopter-optimized GWX 70H weather radar, that combines exceptional range and adjustable scanning profiles with precision target definition for accurate, real-time weather analysis in the cockpit. The GWX 70H also offers horizontal scan angles of up to 120 degrees and pilot-adjustable sector scanning from twenty degrees to 120 degrees. Radar_1 Compared to earlier generation magnetron-based weather radar systems, the GWX 70H offers significant improvements in capability, reliability, and cost of ownership.  The GWX 70H adds industry standard environmental features that provides protection from the elements, further aiding in reliability. Advanced Features Optional software enablement cards provide advanced features for compatible displays including Turbulence Detection and Ground Clutter Suppression. Turbulence detection is advanced, Doppler-enabled technology used to identify turbulence in air containing particulates, such as precipitation or dust, out to 40 nautical miles.  Ground clutter suppression allows the GWX 70 and GWX 70H to identify radar returns from the ground and remove them from the display. These enablement cards are now available on both the 10” and 12” versions of the GWX 70 and 70H.  Previously, only the 12” and larger versions of the GWX 70 weather radar were capable of utilizing these features. With the addition of Ground Mapping Mode, the GWX 70H provides a real-time depiction of terrain so operators can easily detect natural and man-made ground features, further enhancing situational awareness. Radar_2Also available is the GWX 70R, a version of the GWX 70 with a 90° horizontal scanning range to accommodate smaller wing mounted radomes,  typically found in single engine aircraft.  The newly available GWX 70R combines all of the features of the GWX 70, including optional Turbulence Detection and Ground Clutter Suppression enablement.  Antennas are available in 10”, 12”, and 18” sizes.  Please consult the GWX 70 Installation Manual for more information. Display Compatibility The GWX 70H is compatible with a breadth of Garmin multifunction displays, including the GTN 750, GTN 725, G1000H integrated flight deck, GMX 200, and G500H. Features vary between displays, as maintained in the ‘Compatible Devices’ tab of the GWX 70 webpage. The GWX 70H with 12” antenna is available and shipping today.  The GWX 70H 10” antenna is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2015.  For more information, please contact [email protected]  

GWX 70H and GWX 70R Pricing

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GWX 70H 10” antenna with Installation Kit



GWX 70H 12” antenna with Installation Kit







GWX 70R 10” antenna with Installation Kit



GWX 70R 12” antenna with Installation Kit