A transponder with a color touchscreen is a great idea.

But a single-unit Mode S Extended Squitter transponder with traffic, WAAS/GPS, datalink weather, and a color touchscreen display is a brilliant idea.

This is the Lynx NGT-9000. It’s a simple, certified, one-box replacement for your old transponder that delivers ADS-B compliance and a whole lot more, all for less than you might expect.

You’ll get more capability for less than you’ll pay mixing and matching multiple systems.


Everything you need.


Touching Allowed

Lynx touchscreen display technology operates similar to a Personal Electronic Device (PED). The screen’s touch and swipe sensitivity has been human engineered to work in the most demanding flight environments where turbulence or moisture may be a concern.











The Lynx NGT-9000 includes subscription-free weather data such as METARs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs and NEXRAD information overlaid on a moving map. A second map page shows Winds and Temps Aloft data. All this and the reliable addition of the Stormscope WX-500 Interface which offers the ability to map lightning data, which correlates to wind shear, turbulence and hail. This arrangement allows for the pilot to quickly page through graphical weather screens, viewing large amounts of data without overloading a single page.


The Lynx NGT-9000 offers the flexibility to display ADS-B traffic on the unit itself, as well as other panel mounted avionics and ipad and Android apps. L3’s NextGen Active Traffic is an option that can be embedded into the NGT-9000 display unit to provide an uninterrupted display of all traffic in the vicinity. Equip with both ADS-B and Active Traffic for the complete traffic picture.

Embedded WAAS/GPS

All Lynx MSS models incorporate a rule compliant position source (WAAS/GPS) requiring no external GPS connections.

ADS-B In/Out

The Lynx NGT-9000 series provide 1090ES (Mode S Extended Squitter) ADS-B Out as well as 1090 MHz and 978 MHz (UAT) ADS-B In. This provides ADS-B traffic (ADS-B, ADS-R and TIS-B) and FIS-B input.

Airport Databases,

With the Lynx family of ADS-B products, you will receive up to the minute broadcast information regarding airports, Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) and Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) in graphical and textual form. Similar to the weather map, touching an airport or zone icon on the graphical side of NGT-9000 map brings up its corresponding textual data.


Optional ADS-B Traffic Advisory System (ATAS) aural alerting announces the range, bearing and relative altitude of intruder aircraft through the cockpit audio system. Pilots will hear warnings such as “Traffic, Traffic, 3 O’Clock High, 2 Miles.” The ATAS option also adds a visual indication of the alerted traffic on the NGT-9000 display. Unlike older alerting systems, the Lynx ATAS feature provides alerting for aircraft flying at any altitude, including airport pattern traffic below 500’ AGL.

TerrainVision or eTAWS

TerrainVision helps pilots get an accurate lay of the land by providing color-coded depictions of the surrounding topography and land-based obstacles. It is an economical solution for fixed-wing and helicopter platforms where terrain reference is desired but aural and graphical alerting are not required.

The Lynx Class B embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System (eTAWS) option provides terrain alerting through both graphic and aural warnings. The color-coded terrain screen surveys out to 24 nmi and will alert when a Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) is imminent. Alerts for Negative Climb Rates and other Ground Proximity Warnings (GPWS) are also included with Lynx eTAWS.

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