Aeronautical Instrumentation, based at Lanseria International Airport, is an African leader in the repair, installation and overhaul of aircraft Instrumentation, Avionics, Electrical, Autopilots and accessories, spanning over 12 years. We provide superior, reliable, and cost effective services for a broad spectrum of the aviation industry, including general/commercial/corporate aviation, helicopter operations, and government and military customers.

We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding quality and service. Our company was built on integrity, honesty, and excellence in every aspect of the services we have to offer. We also believe in keeping the cost reasonable, while maintaining exceptional quality that either meets or exceeds Original Aircraft Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

When Clinton Carroll started the company in 2005, he noticed a huge gap in the market when it came to the understanding of what a Pilot needs versus what is economically viable. Most Avionics shops try and sell high, where as we at Aeronautical Instrumentation take a different look, before the client spends money. We need to consider cockpit workload, client requirements, legislative requirements, over capitalisation and down time. We truly believe a client must walk away after using our services and feel he was sold the right goods, at the right price with high quality, good turn around and exceptional service.

Over and above this, who better for an aircraft owner to deal with than a pilot. Clinton understands the challenges in the cockpit, regulatory requirements and certification issues so he can give informed advise accordingly. An upgrade is not something to take lightly.

At Aeronautical Instrumentation, your success and safety is our number one priority. Our dedicated professional team understands the importance of exceptional customer service and will provide the solution to your aircraft avionics and accessory needs.


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