WiFi and Bluetooth from Avidyne

IFD540-Ad Shot-white-300   STC allows for activation of Bluetooth® & WiFi functionality for IFD440 & IFD540 systems.

  Avidyne has received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval to activate the integrated WiFi and Bluetooth®  functionality on the IFD440 and IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM systems.  The MK10 Bluetooth keyboard will be the first Bluetooth-enabled functionality, allowing pilots to wirelessly control their panel-mounted IFD440 or IFD540 system. This approval also gives third-party tablet app developers access to both Bluetooth and Wifi data streams using Avidyne’s previously-released Software Developer Kit (SDK).    Bluetooth and WiFi functionality requires IFD440/IFD540 software Release 10.1.1. Avidyne is now the sole provider of Bluetooth and WiFi capabilites in a FMS/GPS/NAV/COM. Initially, the MK10 will allow remote entry of waypoints and flightplans, plus map range changing, and alpha-numeric data entry. An upcoming release (R10.2) will fully enable all MK10 functions including page and tab selection, Direct TO, and others. Avidyne is offering, for a limited time, a free MK10 for customers who have registered on MyAvidyne.com. The suggested retail price for the MK10 is $299.