Aeronautical Instrumentation and CMC Aviation Join Forces


Aeronautical Instrumentation is proud to announce its new partnership with CMC Aviation. The decision was made after a long deliberation to join forces with CMC Aviation, as we believe that this will bring much greater value to our valued client base, and will help in our mission to assist make Aviation in South Africa what it once was.

It is with this announcement that we can confirm that CMC Aviation as an entity will cease to exist from the 22nd December 2017 and all their clients, current orders and current stock will be moved over to Aeronautical Instrumentation. No further orders will be processed on their site.

They are not gone, just making the next move in their growth efforts to help Aviation bring down the massive costs.

You can contact them at [email protected] and visit our new website at

It is at this point we would like to take the opportunity to wish our Valued Customers a Truly Blessed Christmas and a Happy New year.

Until Next Year, Fly Safe.

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