ADS-B Solution: EASA Approved for Citation Excel and XLS

Garmin receives EASA approval for lower-cost ADS-B solution for Citation Excel and Citation XLS aircraft equipped with Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics systems.


Garmin is excited to announce the STC for the Citation Excel and XLS is now validated and approved by EASA. This STC approves the installation of a compliant ADS-B “Out” system into Cessna 560XL aircraft equipped with the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite. For business and commercial operators looking to satisfy the ADS-B “Out” equipage rules as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, Garmin has tailored a comprehensive suite of approved ADS-B solutions that leverage existing cockpit avionics to provide an easy, efficient path to compliance and they are excited to add the Excel and XLS to this growing portfolio.

As the industry leader in fielded ADS-B solutions, Garmin is helping operators meet the complex demands of NextGen air traffic GTX 3000modernization initiatives around the world. Through select members of the Garmin authorized installation center network, they are able to offer all-inclusive packages such as their GTX 3000 Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder paired with their GDL 88 ADS-B datalink. These packages provide seamless integration between existing equipment such as TCAS systems, transponder control heads or radio management units, so as to minimize in-cockpit modifications, all while maintaining familiar interfaces and functions.

Leveraging the GDL 88 datalink’s internal WAAS/SBAS receiver, the GTX 3000 broadcasts DO-260B compliant aircraft identity, state and intent information to the ADS-B ground station network for relay to ATC and other ADS-B “In” equipped aircraft in the airspace. The GDL 88/GTX 3000 upgrade package is approved and compatible with a variety of TCAS II interfaces and cockpit controller/display combinations.

This is an ideal way for South African Citation Excel and XLS Customers to upgrade their Transponders to meet the ever nearing ADS-B Mandate.

Please contact Clinton Carroll at or 083 459 6279 to get your quote on this upgrade path.


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