System 55 to System 55X Programmer Computer Upgrade Offer


Due to a parts obsolescence, S-TEC is terminating repairs to the System 55 programmer/computer, refer to Service Bulletin – SB 14-003 for detailed information. The System 55 programmer computer can be upgraded to the System 55X programmer computer. In order to make a smooth transition for our System 55 customers, we are offering the following discount pricing for those who wish to replace their System 55 with a System 55X.



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55X Programmer w/Trim










Part number 01192-()-() System 55 programmer computer can be replaced by the 01192-()-() 55X programmer computer. The System 55 programmer/computer is the predecessor to the 55X programmer computer. Since the part numbers are the same for both types, the easiest way to determine the systems installed is to look at the faceplate. The 55 programmer computer will state AP on the upper right hand corner of the faceplate. The System 55X will have an identifier mark that states Fifty Five X which is also located on the upper right hand corner of the faceplate.

This offer has been extended…new orders must now be receivedĀ by
December 31, 2015.
If you have questions, please contact Clinton.